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Coppins Religion timeline

Coppins Religion timeline - Assyrians 8th-9th C BCE Syria...

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Assyrians 8 th -9 th C BCE Syria and Palestine Absorbed N (Israel) and S (Judah) kingdoms – 722 and 701 Babylonians end of 7 th Cen – captured Jerusalem in 586 BCE Destroyed the temple Deported upper-class Jews Persian Empire 539-331 BCE Cyrus was well liked – restored local religions; allowed exiled Jews to return; rebuilt the temple Cambyses- captured Egypt Daruis I – extorts Jews w/tributes: 1 st gifts and then $; established Aramaic as language Xerxes No Israel nation at this time Before Alexander, ‘Israel” may have been used by others to refer to them, but it was generally a Sumaritan Cult Alexander/Greek Period 331-280 Primarily a Monarchy – Diadochi Antigonous I, Seleucus I, Ptolemy I Jews weren’t necessarily resisting Hellenization – mutual sharing of culture/customs Alexander’s adoption of Persian ways (dress and prostration) was to unify. Jews especially disliked prostration Palestine became the battleground for Seleucid and Ptolemaic power struggle Ptolemaic Period 301-200 Peaceful times Zenon Papyri
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  • Seleucid Empire, Hasmonean, upper-class Jews Cambyses, BCE Herod, BCE Alexander Jannaeus, state Herod Phasel

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