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Journal 1 Today was great.  Played hookey all day and went a swimming.  Felt  good to get out of the heat and cool of but still had my Aunt to go and  worry ’bout.  I had got it all planed out.  She thought she was perty smart  tying that thread ’round my collar but I was smarter.  I had extra thread  in my pocket so I could tie up again when I was through.  When we got  to dinner she started nail me she almost gone and had me to but when she  asked to see my collar I had her. She was all sory and what not, so I  gracfuly made my way out when that no good Sidney said “Well, now, if 
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Unformatted text preview: I didn’t think you sewed his collar with white thread, but its black” My Aunt realized this and was ’bout to call me back, but I kept on a going but right before I was gone I shouted back “Siddy I’ll lick you for that” I mean how I s’pose to know what coler she tied it, sometimes its white sometimes black. Aunt probably never even notice it weren’t for siddy and I be off the hook and she be all kind to me ‘cause she was wrong and miss judge me. Now though she is gona be mad ‘cause I all an played hooky but whats school ever done for me anyway....
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