english Cheaper by the dozen

english Cheaper by the dozen - which are used for walking 9...

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Questions 2 7. A old car. Car were still new to people and not everyone could afford them 8. No “We had seen dad nick fenders, slaughter chickens, square away with traffic policemen, and knock down full-grown trees, and we weren’t taking any chances.” 9. It was old but as beautiful as a Taj Mahal with 14 rooms, a two- story barn out back, a greenhouse, chicken yard, grape arbors, rose bushes, and a couple of dozen fruit trees. 10. Because one at a time he would call his kids over and ask them to find the birdie in the engine then he would sneak into the car, honk the horn and say “Did you see the birdie.” 11. Foolish carriage Defenitions 8 . An animal such as a lion or lizard with four limbs and feet, all of
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Unformatted text preview: which are used for walking. 9. A crudely built shack or hut. 10. The quality of being new, original, and different. 11. The complex character of something that has many details, parts, or other elements. 12. Not felt in response, or not returned in the same way or to the same degree. 13. Suggesting or indicating that something bad is going to happen or be revealed. 14. The addressing of humble requests and prayers to somebody with the power to grant them. 15. To initiate something or put it into operation, especially in a formal or official manner. 16. To release somebody or something with difficulty from a physical constraint or an unpleasant or complicated situation....
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english Cheaper by the dozen - which are used for walking 9...

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