Questions 5 - they would do. The final vote though was to...

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Questions 5 20. He was born in Fairfield, Maine. His dad died in 1871 when he was three. He was raised by his mother who believed her children were fated to make important marks on the world. 21. Being a bricklayer’s helper. He designed a scaffold that let loose bricks and mortar always be at the level of the wall being built. 22. Psychology. University of California 23. To talk about things that needs to be done, and make decisions having to do with the house. They would meet every Sunday after noon right after dinner and discus things having to do with the family. 24. He threatened to take away desserts and allowances. 25. They got the extra money for the dog because they cut he coast of the $100 rug their mom wanted to buy. The argument was that the kids said that they would take care of the dog, feed it, and pet it. Also they said it could keep burglars away, but dad thought it would be a nuisance and the kids would not do what they said
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Unformatted text preview: they would do. The final vote though was to have a dog and everybody voted for it except dad. Definitions 34. An indirect remark or gesture that usually carries a suggestion of impropriety 35. A meeting arranged for a specified time and place 36. A raised platform on which somebody is executed by hanging or beheading 36. To divide and allocate something among different people or groups 37. To give something t somebody as his or her share of what is available or what has to be done 38. A closed meeting of people from one political party 39. with all members in agreement with each other 40. A room at the top of a house, immediately below the roof 41. A large roof or awning extending from the entrance of a building to the driveway 42. The dead body of an animal, especially one slaughtered and prepared for use as meat...
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Questions 5 - they would do. The final vote though was to...

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