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Questions 11 - Questions 11 55 The Shoe In honor of mother...

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Questions 11 55 The Shoe. In honor of mother who reminded him of an old women who lived in one. It was a cottage and 2 light houses 56. Because they didn’t like being by the Gilbriths 57 Anything that was off-color, revolting, or evil-minded 58 He thought they were Gilbriths. They were parrots. They got left behind but then someone caught them and sent them to the Gilbriths. 59 It had no hot water. They took baths in the ocean 60 He put paintings on the walls about it. A series of tapings that translate into words. 61 Astronomy. First he got there interest then he did wall paintings 62 A unit of motion or thought. Gilbriths. To cut down on motion studies. Search, find, select, grasp, transport loaded, position, last is think 63 He took people on tours through the Gilbriths house. Definitions 78. Inclined to investigate; eager for knowledge
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79. Device, typically a tightly encircling bandage, used to check bleeding by temporarily stopping the flow of blood through a large artery in a limb.
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  • Spring '11
  • Bissett
  • Archimedes, various geometric figures, tightly encircling bandage, numerous ingenious mechanisms, important intellectual figures

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