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Journal 3 - enough Me I could tell Walters was stunned and...

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Journal 3 It was Sunday and that ment church, I hate church, church is so boring, but the boringness paid off today. “Say, Bill, got a yaller ticket?” I said “ Yes” “What’ll you give?” he asked “Piece of lickrish and a fish-hook” I told him back. Then I let him see it and that’s how I started off gatherin up a bunch of tikets. Then after ‘bout ten to fifteen minutes I had perty good collection of tickets so I headed inside the church. I had trouble on my verses ok a lot of trouble but got my reward of a blue ticket. Then some time past which I can’t remember what they were doing but I think the Superintendent might have been talking ‘bout fights and what not but that doesn’t matter. What was the best part was that Lawyer Thatcher came to visit. Even better he was giving out a bible to who ever had enough and guess who was the only person in the whole church who had
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Unformatted text preview: enough. Me. I could tell Walters was stunned and probably not expecting me ever to get a bible but I mostly saw envy in the other boys. “Those that suffered the bitterest pangs were those who perceived to late that they themselves had contributed to this hated splendor by trading tickets to Tom…” Just to add to the joy was the fact that the stuff I traded wasn’t even mine in the first place I had just got it all from the whitewashings. When I was up there though I was kind of nervous and could barly get my name out. Then he asked me a question, which not having read even half the amount I was s’pose to, caught me of guard. The question asked “Won’t you tell us the names of the first two that were appointed?” I waited to the last seconds then shouted “David and Goliath!”...
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