Journal 4 - then but we stayed We soon found Mr Williams...

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Journal 4 Today was horrible.  No if’s, and’s, or but’s about. First Aunt Polly saw right  through my disguise of my toe ‘bout to fall off.  Then I stop by to talk with Huck  and that made me late for school which got me a whole heap of switches.  The next  part though I was hopen for.  He sent me over to the girls side and that let me get  to talk to Becky.  I also started to draw and she got impressed in all so we met  when we were s’pose to be havin lunch so I could teacher.  Then we started to talk  and I asked if she wanted to be engaged it was goin great till I mentioned Amy  and it fell apart.  But the reall terifing part had yet to come.  At midnight me and  Huck went to the graveyard as planned to test the dead cat wart remover.  As soon  as we got there I have to admit it was kind of scary and we probly should have left 
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Unformatted text preview: then but we stayed. We soon found Mr. Williams and waited for the devils. After a while we started to here them commin but then to our surprise it turned out to be Dr. Robinson, Muff Potter, and Injun Joe. We didn’t want to be seen so we just hung low by the 3 trees around the grave area. The 3 looked like they were grave robin Mr. William,s body. Then Injun started to talk ‘bout how he had to settle an old score with Robinson. So they started to fight and Muff tried to break them up but got knocked out when Robinson hit him with Williams headboard. Then after that Injun stabbed Williams and he died. But I aint telling nobody ‘bout this and neither is Huck on the count that Injun Joe might come after us....
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