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Journal 5 I was miserable every thing had been goin good then crashed. First Becky Thacher,  then the murder of Dr. Robinson, and finally Aunt Polly had had it with me and I  could tell she wanted me gone.  So depression started to kick in and didn’t do any  thing ‘round the house and didn’t do anything bad.  Aunt Polly immediently  thought I was sick and she tried all sorts of stuff medicines, extra sleep, proper  meals, and a new water were she drowned me with a bunch of cold water.  Then  finally she settled on painkillers.  She stopped everything else and gave me a  teaspoonful of it.  It immediately brought me back to earth and pretty soon I  started to grow fond of taking it.  In fact I wanted to take it so much that Aunt  Polly ended up just letting me take it whenever I wanted.  That’s when I started 
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Unformatted text preview: dumping it in the crack in the floor to get rid of it. Then one day Peter came along and seemed real interested in it so I gave it to him. Peter then got real and started to trash the place so Aunt Polly came in and asked me what I did. I told her nothing but she saw the teaspoon and wrapped me on the head with a thimble. Then she asked “Now, sir, what did you want to treat that poor dumb beast so for?” and I told her I did out of pity didn’t have a aunt she wanted to know what that had to do with it and I said “Heaps. Because if he’d a had one she’d a burnt him out herself! She’d a roasted his bowels out of him ‘thought any more feeling than if he was a human!” Then she felt sorry for me and left....
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