Journal 7 - I just knew Tom was going to tell and I was...

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Journal 7 By: Becky Oh, why was I ever so mean to Tom. I guess it was to get back at for being with Amy but then I went around and did the same thing with Alfred. This made everything a whole lot worse because then I got mad at Alfred and he was wondering why. Then when he figured out it was because of Tom he poured ink all over his spelling, and the only one who saw it was me. So I started to run home to tell Tom but midway I started to recall how he had treated so I turned around and left him to his fate. Then when I got to school I noticed that the key to the teacher’s cabinet was still in the key whole so I opened it and took out the teacher’s prized book and started to read it. About that time Tom quietly slipped in and saw part of the book. Startled I quickly shut it but accidentally ripped in doing so.
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Unformatted text preview: I just knew Tom was going to tell and I was going to get whipped but I made sure that he had a surprise coming to. So later that day when the teacher saw the ink in Toms book I just stood still and watched him get whipped. Then it was my turn though and I started to get dizzy the head master went down the row asking who did it. I knew I was doomed, there was no way I could hid my face expression. Then he asked me, I couldnt look him in the face he knew it was me. Just then though Tom shouts out I done it So then head master gave him the whipping of his life for something he didnt even do. He was my hero and my boy friend. After he was done with the 2 hours he had to spend after school all I could say was Tom, how could you be so noble?...
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Journal 7 - I just knew Tom was going to tell and I was...

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