Journal 9 - Journal 9 By:Tom It was the day to day, I could...

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Unformatted text preview: Journal 9 By:Tom It was the day to day, I could feel it. We had to postpone our treasure hunt yesterday because it was Friday and everybody knows that Friday is cursed. It also didnt help that Huck dreampt bout rats either so it was better to wait intil the next day. Now Huck and I stood at the front of the haunted house and slowly steeped inside. I looked around a little and finally decided we should check upstairs. It was reall scary cause both of us knew that once we went up our only escape rout would be cut off but we went up any ways. When we got up there though, there turned out to be nothing, so we were about to go down stairs when I heard something. I told Huck to be quiet and dont move even though he wanted to take off runin. So we laid down and looked threw the floor board to see the to take off runin....
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