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Journal 10  By : Tom Huck had been missing for a total of 2 days now and some of the people,  especially Mrs. Douglas were starting to get very worried about Huck.  They  searched high and low for him but had no luck, course I on the other hand  new exactly were to find Huck.  So later that day I went serchin ‘round an  old slaughter house and found him as dirty, untiedy, and as happy as could be.  So I told him ‘bout how everyone was worried about him and looking  everywhere to find him.  He responded “Don’t talk about it, Tom. I’ve tried it,  and it don’t work: it don’t work, Tom.  It ain’t for me: I ain’t used to it…” 
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Unformatted text preview: and he went on and on with how he got to be dressed nice, do everything by the bell, how grub comes to easy, and worst of all he cant smoke or curse. He finished with saying that he didnt want to be rich and I could have all his money. I then saw my opportunity to get him back. I told him that we were still going to be robbers but he couldnt join if he wasnt respectable. This made him change his mind in an instant and finally he said Now thats something like! Why, its a million times bullier that pirating. Ill stick to the wider till I rot, Tom...
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