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Prometheus – ( pro ME thee us) Prometheus was the son of Iapetos and Klymene and had a brother named Ephemetheus. The name Prometheus means “Forethought”. Prometheus had given many gifts to man which included: Brick work, woodworking, telling the seasons by the stars, counting, and the alphabet. He also showed them how to heal, give sacrifices, and draw art. Man was still suffering though and Prometheus could not bear it. He knew he had to give them something, so he decided to give them fire. He took a sacred ember and hid it in a hollow fennel. He then gave man fire, and told them never to let the fire die. Man then started to burn their best meat in the temples they had made for the gods. However Prometheus did not approve of them wasting their best meat. So he had two equal piles of meat made, and had Zeus pick which one he wanted. One had just fat but had been disguised to look the best, and the other had chops
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Unformatted text preview: and roast under bones. Zeus picked the best-looking one, the one that contained the fat. He was furious when he learned Prometheus and man had tricked him. For this trick that Prometheus played on him, he sentenced Prometheus to be chained to a rock for all of time and every day have a vulture come and eat out his liver. Every night though his liver would grow back because he was immortal. Finally Hercules came and saved Prometheus from his punishment. This myth represents how we obtained fire. Fire symbolizes life, light, and power. Without fire we wouldnt be able to cook our food, make machines like cars and airplanes, or be able to see that well. Fire is the result of almost every thing around you. For example your heater, oven, and fire place. So if you ever wonder where fire came from you can thank Prometheus....
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