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Republic of Texas By: Matthew Ferris Texas has gone through many steps to become a state… …So here it is from beginning to end. Sam Houston was elected in 1836 as the 1 st president. He chose Lamar to be his Vice President and Stephen F. Austin as secretary in 1836. However Austin died of pneumonia on December 27, 1836 at the age of 43 after only serving a couple of weeks. He later had the capitol named after him in his honor. Houston then had to deal with the hundreds of soldiers that arrived to late for the battle but still wanted action. So commander Felia called for an Invasion of Mexico but Houston realized that an Invasion would be costly in both money and lives. So he ordered all but 600 soldiers back home. At the end of Houston’s term, Lamar was elected as the 2 nd president of T.X and is now became known as the “Father of Education”. The dept also severely rose
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Unformatted text preview: when he was in office though. Mexico still did not recognize Texas as a nation so he tried to make them by showing of an army which made the debt soar. He also spent about 2.5 million dollars fighting with the Indians. Then on top of this he failed to borrow money from the U.S and other nations. To solve this he printed more money called “Redbacks” that had a value of 15 cents. Houston regained presidency in 1841. To reduce the debt, he cut most of the army and got rid of a lot of government positions. He tried to sell the navy but the public refused to let it go. Anson Jones was elected as the last president. On February 19, 1846 he handed over to the first governor, J. Pinckney Henderson, the government at the Texas capitol. Jones ended his speech with “The final act in this great drama is now preformed: the Republic of Texas is no more.”...
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