GETTYSBURG - as Pickets Charge. Confederate troops firing...

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GETTYSBURG The battle of Gettysburg started on July 1-3 on 1863 in Pennsylvania. The Confederate troops led by General Lee were surprised to meet General Meed 88,000 troops at Gettysburg. General Lee’s army of 75,000 began attacking at Willoughby Run and by the end of the day had captured 5,000 men. Lee then restarted his attack the next day at 1:00 by bombarding the Union position. After he thought they had destroyed most of the Unions gun they started a famous charge known
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Unformatted text preview: as Pickets Charge. Confederate troops firing only once, let the Union skirmishers and artillery, firing grapeshots, start taking their toll on their army. After retreating behind a stone wall the Union held strong and finally beat out Lees army. The Confederates ended up losing 28,000 men and retreated back to the south from July 3 rd through 5 th while the Union only lost about 23,000 men. This also gave Lincoln his opportunity to deliver the Gettysburg address....
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