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interesting facts Armys Battle Battle (continued) outcome of the battle The battle of Gettysburg was one of the _________________ _ major battles The leader of the Confederate army was __________________ On the first night the Confederate army had captured ________ men. The confederate troops fired _____________ time(s) before charging at the stone wall. The winner of the battle of Gettysburg was ______________ The two armys were______________ meet at Gettysburg The Union army had _____________ troops The Confederate began to bombared the Union troops at ______________. The Union troops _______ the stone wall before the Confederate troops attacked The army that totaled the most losses at 28,000 were _______ The year that the
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Unformatted text preview: battle of Gettysburg occurred on was ___________. The Confederate army had ____________ troops The Confederate troops thought that they had ____________ many of the Unions guns Union rifle men know as ____________ retreated back behind the stone wall and started to take their toll on Confederate troops The union troops lost ____________ troops in the battle The exact dates of the battle was _________________ The leader of the Union army was _____________. At 2:00 pm. The Confederate troops began their attack with 15000 which is known as ____________ Union cannons firing an artillery known as _______________ which tore holes into the. The Confederate retreat took from ______________....
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