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Letter to the Editor - Then with are biggest trading...

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Letter to the Editor Dear Editor, As an American colonist, I strongly support the Patriots point of view. I believe that England has treated us like their pet dogs. I believe the time has come to strike back and defend our land. As the loyalist, Charles Inglis, wrote himself, “Their troops amount to no more than 12,000 men. Their ships to no more than 40.” So why wait to strike. As time goes on England will only get stronger. We should strike back now while they are unsuspecting, and we have the advantage. Some people say, “But what about are trade and economy?” I say, “What of it.” In the word of Thomas Paine, “America would have flourished as much, and probably more, if no European power had taken notice.” Also, what happens when Great Britain goes to war with are biggest trading partner? We would be forced to break connection with them and help pay for England’s War.
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Unformatted text preview: Then with are biggest trading partner gone and a huge debt to pay America would be ruined and don’t think for one second that Britain is going to help us because that would mean they would have to use their money. Please, listen to my point of view. Forget all this propaganda from England and the loyalist. We came here for our freedom and now England is trying to take that away just to make a profit. England may be are mother country, but I am ashamed to even call it that. They throw out laws with no regard to how it affects our homes and families. Take for instance the Boston Massacre, the soldiers just walked right up to an innocent crowd and started having target practice. My fellow colonists this sort of action is intolerable, the time has come to bear arms. Join me as we fight and destroy the most powerful nation in the world....
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Letter to the Editor - Then with are biggest trading...

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