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The Alamo On March 6, 1836, 200 men defended this land, Against 1,400 they knew few would still stand. Santa Anna attacked in the dark, And by the second strike he’d left his mark, But the Texans and Travis thought they could hold. The church in which they fought was attacked from every side, Now the Texans had no place to hide. Finally the west wall was overrun, And in came hundreds of men and their guns. They stormed as fast as lightning, It was all so frightening. Then a sudden Bang as the screaming bullet found its mark, And then Travis fell at his post dead,
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Unformatted text preview: He was shot through the head. The Texans were now overrun, Retreating to the buildings to fight to the end, They looked at each other and knew not even one, Would live to tell all their friends. The battle was now done, And though the Texans had not won, Santa Anna had lost a ton, The victory at the Alamo for Santa Anna came at a terrible cost, And in the end was one of the reasons they lost. For the Alamos name was cried, In the battle of San Jacinto with great pride....
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