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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 Freedom they mean. First of all there are two very specific freedoms that all students and teachers should know and understand. T the very basis for our society. 1)FREEDOM OF SPEECH Freedom of speech is one of the most important freedoms we h It allows us to express ourselves through reading, writing, and speaking. Although freedom of speech has its greatness in Shwartzenegger getting out of the shower, and someone takes a picture of you naked and prints it in the local paper. But though laws are made people still break them. 2)FREEDOM OF RELIGION This freedom goes along with freedom of spe its own category. There are many ways to look at this freedom. It has as many goods as it does bads. You just have to le Example: Lets say you are a Christian, but go to a school where Christianity is looked down upon. Now lets say you have attend this school and want to have a lunchtime bible study, but are afraid that the school may suspend you or even wors constitution, the rules and regulations our country is based upon, that students may have a bible study in and on school p student led. Teachers may even attend, but cannot participate in the function. This is where a lot can go wrong and things that turns people away from religion in my opinion. Nothing is more challenging than confronting a well-established myth.that turns people away from religion in my opinion....
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