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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 Jacques Cartier Tom Jodlowski 09-19-98 History Jacques Cartier Jacques Cartier was born in St. Malo (France) in 1491. Not much is kno 1534, when he departed on his first voyage. He was looking for a passage through or around North America to East Asia before him, and many would after him. Though he undoubtedly made a voyage to the New World prior to 1534, probably was given a grant by King Francis I of France to search for the north west passage. Cartier explored the coast of Newfou passage leading westward. He made the crossing of the Atlantic in only twenty days, and landed on an island near the co then already much frequented by Breton fisherman. He sailed north, and entered the Straight of Belle Isle. He sailed into Lawrence, sailed along the westcoast of Newfoundland, and crossed the Bay to the Magdalen Islands and Prince Edward he thought were part of the mainland. Then he went to Chaleur Bay and Gaspe¢ peninsula which he claimed for the Fren 50 canoes filled with Micmac indians, who seemed friendly and greeted him with the words napeu tondamen assurtah (w friendship). The next day the French and the Micmac traded and celebrated. Cartier explored the bay, being disappointed straight to China he had hoped it to be. He also met a fishing party of 200 Hurons, led by their chief, Donnaconna. His sostraight to China he had hoped it to be....
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