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Chester Wilmot - Chester Wilmot Though this student looked...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Chester Wilmot Though this student looked in Who's Who and Contemporary Authors, no information on Chester Wilmot could be found. One considered searching the Directory of American Scholars, but that would not be helpful since he is from Australia. In The Struggle for Europe, Wilmot seeks to explain several points. First, he explores and explains how the western allies succeeded militarily but failed politically during World War II. He then elaborates on how and why the western allies crushed the Nazi regime Eastern Europe and block the Atlantic Charter from taking effect in those nations. Third, the author discusses Hitler's defeat and Stalin's victory. Fourthly, he endeavors on a mission to explain how the Soviet Union replaced Germany as the dominant European power. Beginning with the Battle of Britain, the book takes the reader through the war up to the surrender of Germany. In this process Wilmot touches on Hitler's alliance with Mussolini, Hitler's conquest of France, the Lowlands, and the Balkans, and the Nazi dictator's collapse in the expansion of the Soviet Union. The author strategically builds the Allied alliance, through the book's course, and he uses the Normandy invasion to illustrate its full effectiveness. Also included are discussions on the concessions granted to Stalin by the Allies in general, and Franklin D. Roosevelt in particular. President Roosevelt believed that Stalin wanted security for his country with no territorial acquisitions in mind. In order to give the Soviet leader his second front in Europe, FDR also put the Japanese problem in the Pacific aside. By providing the reader with first-hand quotes and writings from
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Chester Wilmot - Chester Wilmot Though this student looked...

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