NAPOLEON - NAPOLEON The main controversy over Napoleon is...

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Sheet1 Page 1 NAPOLEON The main controversy over Napoleon is if he was a friend or enemy to the French people. Napoleon's prosecutors said that he destroyed the civil liberties of the French people. They also think that he started unnecessary wars of aggression. Another argument is that he ruled above the law like a absolute monarch. People on the defending side of Napoleon say that he saved France from a near anarchic situation in France. He extended the French territory to bring glory to the French people, and the rights of the revolution to the in Europe. Also Napoleon did more to help the people than to harm them. Napoleon Bonaparte was born on August 15, 1769 to Carlo and Letizia Bonaparte. No Bonaparte except for Napoleon became a professional soldier. His father Carlo fought for Corsican independence, but after the French occupied the island he served as a prosecutor and judge and entered the French aristocracy. Napoleon had an excellent education and excellent military training. His father secured a scholarship for him to the French military school at Brienne. When he was in school he put all his time and effort into his studies. Then in 1794 at age 15 he graduated 42nd in his class of 58. For more education after he graduated he spent a year at the Military Academy in Paris. Then he was commissioned a second lieutenant in artillery. Napoleon commanded an artillery brigade at the siege of Toulon where there was a British fleet. The British were driven out, and Napoleon was rewarded with a promotion to General of Brigade. In February of 1794 Napoleon was assigned to the French army in Italy. On October 5, 1795 a revolt broke out in Paris because of protesting the new constitution introduced by the Convection. Napoleon was
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NAPOLEON - NAPOLEON The main controversy over Napoleon is...

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