Spanish American War

Spanish American War - Spanish American War CHRONOLOGY OF...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Spanish American War CHRONOLOGY OF THE WAR WITH SPAIN. Jan. 25.--U.S. battleship Maine, Captain C.D. Sigsbee, U.S.N., is ordered to Havana, Cuba. Feb. 8.--The publication of a letter written by Senor Dupuy de Lome, Spanish Minister of the United States, speaking disparag n Feb. 15.--The U.S. battleship Maine, lying in the harbor of Havana, is destroyed and sunk by an explosion between 9 and 10 o Feb. 17.--Rear Admiral Sicard, commanding the North Atlantic Squadron orders a court of inquiry into the loss of the Maine. Feb. 19.--The request of the Spanish officials in Havana for a joint investigation into the loss of the Maine is declined. Feb. 21.--The United States Senate orders an investigation into the Maine disaster. Mar. 8,9.--Congress votes to place $50,000.000 at the unqualified disposal of the President as an emergency fund. Mar. 16.--Spain remonstrates against the presence of the United States fleet at Key West, and against other measures of defe n Mar. 19.--Facts concerning Cuba stated in the Senate by Senator Proctor of Vermont, as the result of a personal observation. Mar. 28.--Court of Inquiry's report on the Maine sent to Congress. Apr. 5.--Consul General Lee recalled. Apr. 10.--Consul General Lee leaves Cuba. Apr. 11.--President McKinley sends a message to Congress recommending armed intervention in Cuba. Apr. 15.--Army ordered to mobilize. Apr. 16.--Senate belligerency resolutions passed. Apr. 18.--Congress votes against Cuban recognition. Apr. 19.--Congress passed resolutions demanding the withdrawal of Spanish forces from Cuba. Apr. 20.--Queen opens Cortes with war speech. Government announces its opposition to privateering. President signs notifica Apr. 21.--Our Minister at Madrid, General Stewart L. Woodford, informed by the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs that diplom a Apr. 21--President McKinley cables our ultimatum to Spain, demanding a reply by April 23. Apr. 21.--Senor Polo y Bernabe, Spanish Minister, receives his passports and leaves Washington {Begin handwritten} Wash. D.C. 1899 {End handwritten} -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- {Begin page}
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Sheet1 Page 2 Apr. 22.--Cuban ports blockaded by the American squadron. Apr. 23.--The President issues his proclamation calling for 125,0 0 Apr. 24--(Sunday)-A Spanish decree declaring war against the United States was gazetted at Madrid.
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Spanish American War - Spanish American War CHRONOLOGY OF...

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