Origins of Progressivism

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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 Origins of Progressivism I. The Origins of Progressivism A. A Spirit of Reform in the late 1800Ms 1. Henry George believed that poverty could be e productively by everyone. Also taxing the nonproductive more than the productive. 2. Edward Bellamy believed that the g a trust to take care of the needs of the people rather than profit. 3. Many groups wanted change for the majority of people union members and members of municipal or city government levels. 4. Municipal reforms in the late 1800& s and early 1 limited self-rule rather than state rule are known as Home Rule. B. Progressivism Takes Hold 1. Progressivism aspects o programs and other movements. 2. Because they were afraid of losing their high standard of living, progressives& were Progressives believed that the government should play a bigger role in regulating transportation and utilities. 4. Develop b programs. 5. The suffrage movement became a big issue among women. 6. Child labor laws as well as many other things government regulations. C. Progressive Methods 1. Journalist also helped create support by alerting the public to wrong d Investigating the issue then publicizing the results putting pressure on legislators to take action is known as Systematic m 1. Kelley was recommended for investigating the labor conditions around Chicago. 2. Kelley earned a law degree so that violators of child labor laws as well as regulations in sweatshops. 3. Kelley believed in municipal reforms after a political fa inspector in her place. 4. 1899 National Consumers League was organized (NCL) II. Progressivism: Its Legislative Impact Reform began mostly at the city level 2. Some machine politicians worked with reformers to improve voter registration, cit health programs and enforced tenant codes. 3. By 1915 two out of three cities owned utilities. 4. Welfare services were p Pingree put in parks, baths, and put into effect a work-relief program. B. Reforms at the State Level 1. Progressive govern with the movement. 2. LaFollette brought about a direct primary in which voters elect nominees for upcoming elections. 3 employees negotiating differences as well as workers accident insurance became major reforms in the work place. 4. The it was illegal to set maximum hours for workers because it violated the individuals right to make a contract with the emplo New York. 5. The Supreme Court upheld a decision that limited women s work hours to 10 hours per day - 1905 Muller v National Child Labor Committee convinced about 30 states to abolish Child Labor by 1907 . 7. In 1912 minimum wage for was put into effect in Massachusetts. 8. Women were replaced with men because they would work longer for less wages voting rights was stifled by the belief that females are physically weaker. D. Reforms at the Federal Level 1. The United Mvoting rights was stifled by the belief that females are physically weaker....
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Origins of Progressivism - Sheet1 Page 1 Origins of...

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