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Random - Gatsby clinging onto the “what if’s” and the...

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Wang 1 Susan Wang Hallstrom English 3 Honors 9 March 2008 “Gatsby is as immutable as a photograph” Love comes and goes. Thus, to preserve a moment, take a picture, it lasts longer. Gatsby becomes the image as his clockwork continues to malfunction. When Gatsby meets Daisy for tea, he almost smashes the mantelpiece clock. While people have paced into the 1920s, the broken timepiece symbolizes Gatsby’s static life. Shattering the clock will break the spell of
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Unformatted text preview: Gatsby clinging onto the “what if’s” and the “used to” with Daisy. However, because Gatsby clutches onto Daisy so tautly, he manages to salvage the clock. Gatsby fails to liberate himself from the grasps of love, thus is forever spellbound by history. Fitzgerald portrays Gatsby, a person incapable of unshackling his past, as one who is frozen in time, thus transforming into a living, breathing photograph....
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