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Practical Application CALCULUS IS EVERYWHERE Calculus is in Physics. derivative of speed = velocity derivative of velocity = acceleration Calculus is in Biology. Calculus is involved in biology, such as demonstrated by Poiseuille’s Law and blood flow, etc. Calculus is in Economics. The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus can be applied to economics in consumer surplus by finding the area under the demand curve and above the price curve. Calculus is in Sociology and Psychology. Calculus can be used to analyze the speed of rumors and other
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Unformatted text preview: such information. …it’s FUNdamental! :] The fundamental theorem of calculus can be applied to the graph above of velocity control technology to find the net change in speed as well as to find the area of the blue space under the graph. The net change in speed can be found in this way: s’(t) = v(t) , [ , 3 ] s(t) = ∫ 3 ) ( dt t v ) ( ) 3 ( ) ( 3 s s dt t v-= ∫ = 0.25 – 0 = 0.25 The net change in speed is 0.25...
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