AP English Reading Record much ado about nothing

AP English Reading Record much ado about nothing - Susan...

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Susan Wang 9/3/08 AP English Reading Record Title: Much Ado About Nothing Author: William Shakespeare Genre: Comedy (play) Setting: Messina Sicily Characters display a southern Italian heritage Most of the events occur on Leonato’s home and his grounds Sixteenth century Point of View: The play is written in third person. This helps create the atmosphere of a play. Atmosphere: comedy- especially when Benedick is around Dramatic- between Benedick and Beatrice Suspenseful- when Don John framed Hero and when Claudio accused Hero of unfaithfulness Classy- everyone displays their level of importance and position in society Tone: People have to live up to their social standards. Hence, Shakespeare combines mature cynicism with awareness of social realities, creating interferences within the relationships. Claudio’s and Hero’s tones are usually intimate when talking to each other. Benedick’s and Beatrice’s tones are pompous when talking to each other. Both of them want to be better than the other. Beatrice carries more of a bantering tone. Between Leonato and the Prince, their tones are polite and officious. Don John and his followers act superficial towards others. Benedick, Claudio, and Don Pedro all have the witty banter that attracts attention and approval in the household. Protagonist: Claudio, Don Pedro, Leonato, Hero, Benedick, Beatrice Antagonist: Don John, Borachio, Conrade External Conflict: Don John attempts to ruin the wedding of Claudio and Hero. Claudio falls for Don John’s trap, thus believing that Hero is unfaithful. Benedick and Beatrice constantly argue due to their discontent towards each other’s characters.
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Susan Wang 9/3/08 Internal Conflict: Claudio regrets not believing in Hero when he found out that she has died due to grief. He has to choose between believing in the words of others or the people he loves. Hero does not know who to deal with Claudio not believing in her innocence.
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AP English Reading Record much ado about nothing - Susan...

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