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awakening - Susan Wang Ms Ryan AP Literature and...

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Susan Wang Ms. Ryan AP Literature and Composition 22 February 2009 The Awakening I believe that Edna’s suicide symbolizes her final awakening, a decision to give herself to the sea in a show of strength and independence that defies social expectations. Earlier in the novel, Edna experiences one of her first senses of freedom through learning how to swim in the ocean. She realizes her desire for continuous independence by acknowledging the sensation that she feels in the sea. This event is one of her first awakenings, causing her to explore her rebellious side. She begins to ignore her duties as a housewife and urges to get out of the house. As she learns more about the dangers of defying one’s duties, she begins to struggle. She can not be with the man who she truly loves, Robert, due to the customs of society. She has affairs just to satisfy her physical needs. She purchases a “pigeon house” with the money she obtains from horse races in order to escape the grasp of her marriage. Even after all the turmoil she has
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