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Senior Reflection final - Wang 1 Susan Wang Ms. Ryan AP...

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Susan Wang Ms. Ryan AP Literature 27 May 2009 Senior Reflections The first assignment that I choose was written in Ms. Wyrauch’s English 1H class. It was a response to literature for the novel The Pearl . The essay had organized format with multiple quotation sandwiches that addresses the thesis. I think it is a decent essay for a 9 th grader. The second assignment that I select is also a response to literature essay. It was based on The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and was written in Mr. Hallstrom’s English 3H class. Compared to the first essay, this piece is more developed in the paragraphs. There were better transitions between the quotes and the commentary. The thesis was stronger and addressed the prompt more directly. I am pleased that I was able to utilize closed text analysis in the essay successfully. The last piece of written work that I choose is the story that I created for Mr. Hallstrom’s class. It was called A Meal Through Time and it was based on one of my personal conflicts with my family. This assignment demonstrated that I can be a versatile writer. I was extremely proud that I was able to incorporate my personal emotions into the story. I choose these three writing assignments because they illustrate my ability as a writer. The first two pieces depicted my improvement in writing response to literature while my third piece exhibited that I am able to openly express myself on paper in different formats. For all three assignments, I would spend more time on fixing grammatical errors and clarifying certain ideas if I had the opportunity. The one national concern that I am currently stressing over is the economic recession. Countless families are losing their homes because they no longer have the financial support.
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Senior Reflection final - Wang 1 Susan Wang Ms. Ryan AP...

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