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Susan Wang Period 4 9/8/08 History of Psychology Psychology began through people wondering how the mind operated. People from all over the world had a certain perception about the connection between our mind and body. Buddha thought about how sensations and perceptions combined to create ideas. Confucius emphasized the importance of education and ideas. Hebrew scholars linked our minds and emotions to the body. It all came to a conclusion when the Greek philosopher-teacher Socrates along with his student Plato stated that the mind is separable from the body and continues after the body dies and knowledge is innate. When it came to Aristotle, Plato’s student, he asserted that the mind cannot separate from the body and knowledge is not innate. As people gather experiences, their knowledge grows. However, Rene Descartes disagreed. After a series of dissections, he concluded that the brain’s cavities contained animal spirits that flow from the brain through the nerves to the muscles. This causes movement, which helps form memories.
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