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Susan Wang Period 4 Nature/Nurture Countless issues involving human behavior is still unsolved because researchers have not yet settled on the fact that nature and nurture are interdependent. In most cases, people are too heavily focused on whether it is the initial foundation or the future impacts that ultimately shapes one’s behaviors. For example, is the result of intelligence due to the influences of nature or nurture? Everyone has a climax for their intelligence that is predetermined during the development period of the brain. Some people may be more artistic than others; hence they have a more developed right hemisphere. This is based on nature. However, whether or not one fully takes advantage of their level of intelligence is another subject. One may have the intelligence level of Einstein, but if one does not acquire knowledge, then he/she may never reach that intelligence level. It is nurture that allows for the one’s intelligence to reach its peak. Nature only sets the foundation. It is similar for all cases in human behavior. People can inherit cancerous
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Unformatted text preview: cells. Yet, those cells may never form tumors if people are careful with their living conditions. Everyone may have a certain possibility of being obese based on their metabolism and other genetic factors. Nevertheless, those conditions can be controlled if people watch their diets. There may be a gene that increases the chances of one being involved in drug abuse. However, it ultimately comes down to ones choice of whether or not to choose that path. That decision is influence by ones environment. Therefore, despite the intensity of the evidence supporting either nature or nurture has the bigger impact on human behavior, the subject can always go both directions. The equation for human behavior can never be complete without both nature and nurture. It is a human trait for researchers to always come up with more reasons why their side is correct, or more logical than the other perspective, because everyone wants their point of view to be accepted as the key idea....
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