psychology debate - Susan Wang Amy Pham Period 4...

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Susan Wang Amy Pham Period 4 Homosexuality – Nature The topic of whether homosexuality is caused by nature or nurture is heatedly debated in society today. Although people would suspect that homosexuality is developed through the influence of the environment, we believe that nature has the bigger impact. Twin studies performed by Kallman illustrated a 100% concordance rate of homosexuality among monozygotic (identical) male twins and a 12% concordance rate among dizygotic twins. The identical twins were not only in full concordance in their aberrant sex patterns, but they are also extremely similar in their feminized appearances and behaviors. When it comes to sex drive, our hypothalamus has a direct relationship to it. Researchers like D.F. Swaab, Laura S. Allen, and Simon LeVay all found that a portion of the hypothalamus was structurally different than that in a heterosexual brain. The size and shape of our brain is proven to be determined biologically during our prenatal cerebral development and structural differentiation. Furthermore, according
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psychology debate - Susan Wang Amy Pham Period 4...

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