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Researcher Group Therapy 03 - Kenya Garay P.4 Researcher...

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Kenya Garay P.4 Researcher The Princeton Review AP Psychology Study Aid Group therapy, where clients meet together with a therapist as an interactive group. o Less expensive o Group dynamic may be therapeutic in and of itself. Twelve-Step program o Combination of spirituality and group therapy Focus on strong social support system [unlike drug therapy (which is highly needed when dealing with depression)] of people who are experiencing or who have experienced addictions or other type of maladaptive adjustments to life. Couples/Family Therapy o Family therapy has distinct advantages in that it allows family members to express their feeling to each other and to the therapist simultaneously. This behavior in turn encourages family members to listen to each other in a way that might not occur in other settings. It is a known fact that in order to get away from depression, one has to be surrounded by people or things that make them generally happy. With this, family members often support the “depressed” member which in turn makes them gain confidence that brings them away from a depressed state. (^ There’s a video on this page that seems helpful if you want to check it out, but this analysis gives a basic summary on what the video is saying) How Effective Is Group Therapy For The Treatment Of Depression In Children/Adolescents? Mark Reinecke, Ph.D., Chief, Division of Psychology, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine February 27, 2008 Question: How effective is group therapy for the treatment of depression in children/adolescents? Mark Reinecke, Ph.D., Chief, Div of Psychology, Northwestern School of Medicine Answer: Well there are a couple of types of group therapy that are actually quite helpful. There's a group therapy that was developed by a fellow by the name of Peter Lewinson out of the Oregon Research Institute, and people have been using that approach for the better part of 20 years. It's called the coping with depression course. And my sense of it is that the outcomes are really very, very favorable -- it's a very effective sort of treatment . When I talk with my students about this, I say that really every school district in the country should have a coping with depression course. It's a group treatment, it's simple, it's effective, teenagers seem to like it -- there's a lot to be said for it. Quote from video: “Out comes are very very favorable” Depression - Group Therapy Part of the battle in one's war with depression is realizing that there are others going through the same experience. Many people who are depressed have feelings of shame about their hopelessness, which only increases depression. Group therapy is useful in encouraging those suffering from depression to share their feelings with others, and learn from others new ways of coping with depression. Group therapy goes beyond the benefits of individual therapy in that it fosters bonding between those suffering from depression.
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Researcher Group Therapy 03 - Kenya Garay P.4 Researcher...

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