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Unformatted text preview: Di Grigoli, Russell F p224s11 Section 1 Due Fri, Jan 28, 2011 at 08:00 Set 1 Physics 224, Analytical Physics IV C A P A ID 7749 A certain metal has a work function of 1 . 80 10 19 J . Light with a wavelength of 6 . 5 10 7 m shines on the metal and electrons are ejected from the metal. 1. [1pt] Whats the frequency of this light? (In CAPA you can abbreviate 8 . 30 10 15 Hz as 8.30e15 Hz) 2. [1pt] Whats the kinetic energy of the fastest photoelectrons emitted in this case? (In CAPA the energy unit Joule is abbreviated J, and you can abbreviate 8 . 00 10 19 J as 8.00e-19 J.) If an electron in metal A absorbs a photon of red light with a wavelength of 6 . 50 10 7 m , all the light energy is used by the electron in escaping the metal, and theres no energy left over after the electron has barely escaped. 3. [1pt] What is the frequency of this red light?...
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