9 Attraction and close Relationships

9 Attraction and close Relationships - Social Psychology 9...

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9.1 Human motives Affillation ~ is the desire to establish social contact with others stressful situations bring us to search fellow sufferers Loneliness Shyness is a pervasive, self-inforcing loop process (shy person rejects others to be not persuasive, others feel rejected and reject their trust / affection) 9.2 Initial Attraction Familiarity Proximity : The more often people see a stimulus, the more they like it Physical attractiveness Attractiveness: determined by optimal body shape and most average and symmetric face features bias for beauty automatic reward for being in company of beautiful persons association of beauty with other positive qualities (popularity, sexual experience, socially skilled) problems with beauty no effect on self esteem or happiness (praise goes to body, not to the person) social pressure on women to keep up their appearance despite them being unhappy with it First Encounters Preferences people at first avoid dissimilar others, then are drawn to most similar ones opposites don’t attract! matching criteria are physical attractiveness, demographic backgrounds, attitudes, interests and even genetic variance (via pheromones!) people with moderate social selection are liked best (contrary to the hard-to-get-effect) reciprocity effect: we like others who show to like us Mate Selection theories Evolution : Men need healthy and fertile women to get as much kids as possible, Women need a stable family holder
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9 Attraction and close Relationships - Social Psychology 9...

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