Final Exam Review - Choice Theory youths will engage in...

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Choice Theory- youths will engage in delinquent and criminal behavior after weighing the consequences and benefits of their actions Trait theory : youths engage in delinquent behavior because they were born with that trait. General deterrence: crime control policies that depend on the fear of criminal penalties, such as long prison sentences for violent crimes, aim is to convince law violators the pain outweighs benefits. Specific deterrence - sending convicted offenders to secure incarceration facilities so that punishment is sever enough to convince offenders not to repeat. Biosocial theory ; the view that both thought and behavior have biological and social behaviors. Psycodynamic theory: branch of psychology that holds that human personality is controlled by unconscious mental processes developed in childhood. Id-unrestrainded, primitece, pleasure seeking component born with Ego- develops through the reality of living in the world helps manage and restrain the id’s need for immediate gratification Behavioral theory : individuals learn by observing how people react to their behavior. Behavior is triggered by a stimulus or punishment Social learning theory Stratified society - grouping society into classes based on the unequal distribution of scarce resources Social structure theories - explain delinquency using socioeconomic conditions and cultural values Social disorganization theory - The inability of a community to exert social control allows youths the freedom to engage in illegal behavior Focuses on deteriorated neighborhoods, inadequate social control, law violating gangs, conflicting social values
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Final Exam Review - Choice Theory youths will engage in...

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