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//A complete program /*ID block +-----------------------------------------------+ + Programmer : Peter Perfect + + Course : Computer Science 1 + + Assignment : Sample Program + + Due Date : 18 March 2007 + +-----------------------------------------------+ Program statement * This program will calculate salary for one hourly employee. * ************************ Analysis ***************************** * 1. Data needed Name (Full name first and last) SSN (No ? needed read it as a long number) Hours worked Hourly pay rate 2. Constants given Federal tax rate 10% flat rate Social Security Tax rate 5% flat rate State tax rate 4% flat rate 3. Calculations Assumptions: No over time is paid, Federal tax is calculated first, social security is s next, and finally state taxes, in addition the taxes already paid are subtracted from s salary before taxing next stage Calculate Gross salary Calculate Federal taxes Calculate Social Security taxes Calculate State taxes Calculate total taxes Calculate Net salary
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A_complete_program - /A complete program /*ID block +-+ +...

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