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CSCI 101: Fundamentals of Computer Programming Spring 2010 Lab 3: First C++ Program 1) Compile and run program Lab3.cpp, modify the format modifiers and observe the effects on the output. 2) Given the following algorithm develop the C++ program for it. A) Input 1) Prompt user for Full name including any middle initials 2) Prompt user for 3 test scores 3) Prompt user for programming score 4) Prompt user for quiz score 5) Set weight for test to 60% 6) Set weight for Programming assignments to 30% 7) Set weight for Quiz to 10%
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Unformatted text preview: B) Process 1) Test-Avg = (Score1 + Score2 + Score3 ) / 3 2) Average = Test_Avg * 0.6 + Quiz * 0.1 + Assign * 0.3 C) Output 1) Print student Name 2) Print test score with a descriptive label 3) Print test average of the tests with a descriptive label 4) Print quiz score with a descriptive label 5) Print programming score with a descriptive label 6) Print (final) average score with a descriptive label Congratulations, you are done. Have your TA check out your work to get credit....
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