Unit I - this stage also the major competitors will emerge,...

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1. The U.S., and indeed much of the world, has been described as a “knowledge society.” How does this affect productivity measurement and the comparison of productivity between the U.S. and other countries? 2. Identify the responsibilities of project managers. 3. What are the five reasons productivity is difficult to improve in the service sector? 4. How does an OM strategy change during a product’s life cycle? During the introduction stage, the emphasis is on developing a product that is well accepted by the market, hence, issues such as product design and development are critical. During the growth stage, the emphasis shifts on establishing and maintaining a production process that is reliable and responsive to the developing demand as well as any further signals obtained from the market regarding the desired product quality. At
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Unformatted text preview: this stage also the major competitors will emerge, and therefore, the company must develop responding strategies to that will allow it to preserve, and if possible, increase its market share. During the product maturity phase, the market has stabilized in terms of product features, key competitors and market shares, in fact some overcapacity might have also been established, and therefore, the key concern for the companies is to preserve their market share by offering a reliable product at competitive prices. Hence, maintaining a stable and efficient production process is very important. Finally, in the decline stage, pruning the line to eliminate items not returning good margin becomes important....
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Unit I - this stage also the major competitors will emerge,...

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