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STAT 330 Fall 09 ASSIGNMENT 1 due Friday October 2 at the BEGINNING of class. No late assignments are accepted since solutions are posted on UW-ACE at the beginning of class. Hand in the following problems from the STAT 330 PROBLEMS. These problems can be found posted on the UW-ACE course website in the Problems Folder under Content or at the end of the STAT 330 Supplementary Lecture Notes purchased from Campus Copy. 1 (a), (g), (h) 4 (b), (f), (g) 5 7 9 (d), (e) 10 11 (b) 12
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Unformatted text preview: To help the TA’s process your assignments more easily please do the following: Make sure your assignment is on 8 ½ x 11 paper, stapled (no paper clips accepted) and with no covers. Please use the template provided on UW-ACE as your first page otherwise marks will be deducted. Clearly label the number of the problem. Clearly indicate the beginning and end of each solution. Do the questions in order or clearly indicate if a question is out of order. Please write legibly....
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