EDEC 250 Midterm Review

EDEC 250 Midterm Review - Exam#1 10 short answer 1...

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Exam #1 10 short answer, 1 Discussion Chapter 1 Short Answer What does a balanced curriculum include? o Teacher planned activities Projects, Theme Studies, Individual Lessons o Daily life activities Cleaning up Describe the play continuum. (diagram, describe it) Play Continuum Spontaneous Guided Teacher-directed Child Teacher Initiated Initiated A play-centered curriculum is an emergent, evolving curriculum When teachers focus on play at the center of the curriculum, they include spontaneous play, guided play, and teacher-directed play. We view these three terms as points along a continuum that goes from child-initiated to teacher-initiated. Describe a play-centered curriculum. o A play centered curriculum is not laissez faire o It is a curriculum that used play as the central force in children’s development o Play centered curricula require highly competent, committed teachers ~Gives children lots of chances to make choices, a curriculum where the teachers really pay attention to children’s play and support that play to learn more Discussion Questions Describe a situation in which children are involved in guided play. o Guided play : the teacher’s role is more directive, although these strategies range along a continuum of less to more teacher direction. There are very minimal ways for you to become part of play. Example : Participant —joining the play in an appropriate minor role, to encourage or extend play. It is important to take a minor role like a neighbor knocking on the door to borrow eggs . Once the teacher is part of the enactment of a shared script, she can indirectly communicate actions, themes, and verbalizations in her role as Participant. Describe a way you would include daily life activities in your future classroom. ~brush teeth, serving yourself lunch, etc. –develop habits, you support them Chapter 2 Short Answer Who said this quote: “Play is the source of development and creates the zone of proximal development”? o Vygotsky What is constructivism? o children bring their prior knowledge and experience (schema) to each situation, and build on that
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– adding or modifying. Learning occurs when children act on information to make it their own. Children’s play is Constructivism in action. Theorists -- Piaget, Vygotsky o Knowledge is not simply acquired by accumulating information from the environment, or even copying the behavior of others, but is based on what the individual child brings to each situation, According to Parten, what are the two forms of group play? o Associative Play : is seen when children share and coordinate materials and space in proximity to one another, but lack true cooperation o Cooperative Play : involves sophisticated efforts to negotiate joint play themes and constructions with peers, and is characterized by children stepping in and out of play to establish roles or events What are Piaget’s three types of knowledge? o
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EDEC 250 Midterm Review - Exam#1 10 short answer 1...

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