hwork1 - DAMS Statistics Exercise sheet 1 The following...

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Exercise sheet 1 The following exercises do not require calculations. You are expected to think, make your own consid- erations and use common sense. Use concepts that you have learned during lectures. 1. [Hand in to be marked] The author Shere Hite undertook a study of American women’s attitudes towards sex and love by distributing 100,000 questionnaires through women’s groups. Only 4.5% of the questionnaires were returned. Based on this sample of women, Hite wrote Women and Love , a best-selling book claiming that women are fed up with men. For example, 91% of the divorced women in the sample said that they had initiated the divorce, and 70% of the married women said that they had committed adultery. Explain briefly why Hite’s sampling method is nearly certain to produce a strong bias. Are the sample results cited (91% and 70%) likely to be much higher or much lower than the truth about the population of all adult American women? (again, be brief ). 2. [Hand in to be marked] According to an observational study carried out at Kaiser Permanente in Walnut Creek, California, users of oral contraceptives have a higher rate of cervical cancer than nonusers, even after adjusting
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hwork1 - DAMS Statistics Exercise sheet 1 The following...

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