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SIO 10 – Winter 2011 Homework 2 Due Friday, January 21 Lectures 4,5,6 20 Points Write your answers on a separate sheet of paper with your name and student ID on it. Short, concise answers are preferred above lengthy ones. Note that your handwriting must be legible to receive credit. Be sure to answer all sub-questions. 1: 6 pts a) Briefly describe the 3 types of plate boundaries. Sketch their sense of motion and name a real-world example of each. (3 pts) b) What are the three driving forces behind plate tectonics? (1 pt) c) What is the importance of hot spots to plate tectonics? (1 pt) d) Where is oceanic crust created and where is it destroyed? (1 pt) 2: 3 pts Match each of the following with the type of subduction zone feature they represent
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Unformatted text preview: (3pts): Lau Basin Aleutian Islands Back-arc basin Taiwan Accretionary prism Washington Olympic Peninsula Volcanic arc Mariana Trough Andes Mountains 3: 8 pts a) What is a mineral? (1 pt) b) Briefly describe the 8 physical properties used to distinguish different minerals. (4 pts) c) Name the 7 major mineral classes. (2 pts) d) What is the most common mineral class on Earth? (1 pt) 4: 3 pts a) Name the three classes of rock. Which are formed at mid-ocean ridges? (1 pt) b) What are four ways a geologist might identify the classification of a rock in the field? (1 pt) c) What are the conditions for forming a metamorphic rock? (1 pt)...
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