2009 Midterm 1

2009 Midterm 1 - 1 Which element was discovered in the Sun...

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1. Which element was discovered in the Sun before it was on Earth? A. carbon B. hydrogen C. helium D. neon E. solarium 2. Isaac Newton invented: A. the parallax method B. the heliocentric theory of the solar system C. the refracting telescope D. the reflecting telescope E. electromagnetic analysis 3. True or false: Most asteroids are remnants of an exploded planet. A. True B. False 4. The main energy source for today's Sun is: A. radioactive decay B. gravitational collapse C. heat conduction D. hydrogen to helium fusion E. electromagnetic radiation 5. A planet is 4 AU from the Sun. Its orbital period in years is closest to: A. 1 year B. 2 years C. 3 years D. 4 years E. 8 years 6. The hard part in determining the intrinsic brightness (luminosity) of a distant star is: A. measuring its spectrum B. measuring its diameter C. measuring its rotation rate D. measuring its apparent brightness E. measuring its distance 7. Sodium was detected in the Sun using A. observations of lines in Sun's electromagnetic spectrum B. parallax C. isotope chemistry D. helioseismology E. radio astronomy
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8. Gravity assist is: A. a way for spacecraft to increase their speed during close approaches to planets B. a way to use gravitational pressure to fuse hydrogen C. a more accurate name for centrifugal force D. a way to escape Earth's gravitational field using a "slingshot" mechanism E. the boosting of solar fusion reactions via gravitational energy release 9. You have 120 grams of U-235, which has a half-life of about 700 million years. After 2.1 billion years, about how much is left?
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2009 Midterm 1 - 1 Which element was discovered in the Sun...

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