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Homework 1 - HOMEWORK#1 Orbital Motions Hardcopy due in...

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HOMEWORK #1 Orbital Motions Hardcopy due in class Friday, January 14 Please answer all questions in complete sentences, and in your own words. You may consult the textbook or another resource, but do not quote them. Explain how you arrived at your answer. If math is required, show your work in addition to your written explanation. You may consult with other students, but you must write up your own work in your own words. Copying another student's work is never OK (see syllabus). (1) Orbital motions and Newton's law (a) You discover an asteroid that orbits the Sun every 6 years. What is the distance of the asteroid from the Sun? (b) Assume a planet with four times the mass of Earth orbits our Sun at the same distance from the Sun as Earth. What is the orbital period of this planet? (c) Satellites in geostationary orbit around Earth are at a distance of about 42,000 km from Earth's center. What distance are satellites with an orbital period of 12 hours?
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