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HOMEWORK #4 Hardcopy due in class Friday, Feb. 4 Please answer all questions in complete sentences, and in your own words. You may consult the textbook or another resource, but do not quote them. Explain how you arrived at your answer. You may consult with other students, but you must write up your own work in your own words. Copying another student’s work is never OK (see syllabus). 1. Comets: (a) What are the names and distances to the Sun of the two major sources of comets in the solar system? (b) How do the comets from these two sources differ in orbital direction and period? 2. Suppose that a friend made the following statements. In each case, say whether the claims could be true, and explain why or why not. Do not assume the statements were made on any particular date. (a) I saw the full moon on the horizon at midnight. (b) I saw the third quarter moon in the middle of the Big Dipper at 3 am.
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Unformatted text preview: (c) I saw the third quarter moon in the middle of Scorpio at 3 am. (d) I saw the first quarter moon in the middle of Scorpio at 3 am. 3. Imagine you lived in a colony on the Moon: (a) During a full moon (as seen from Earth), what phase would you see for Earth? What about during a new moon (again, as seen from Earth)? (b) How much time would pass between consecutive sunrises? (c) How much time would pass between consecutive Earthrises? 4. Estimate the diameter and mass of the object that formed Tycho. Assume that the object was spherical with a diameter 1/10 of the diameter of the crater and with a density of 3.3 g/cm^3. Be sure to use the correct units in your calculations. Assuming also that the object had a final velocity of 14 km/s, how much TNT (in kg) would be required to create an explosion with equivalent energy?...
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