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Section1.0 - Module 1 Introduction Your knowledge of...

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Module 1 Introduction Your knowledge of computers varies from your classmates‘, so this module is designed to position everybody at a common starting point. The material covered in this module will increase your comfort and proficiency with computers in general and with the CS 100 lab environment in particular. We understand that some of you may be intimidated by computers, but the only way to overcome this fear is by facing it. The more exposure you have to computers, the less intimidated you will be by them. The foundational computer knowledge you will have by the end of this lab will assist you in the future because our society is so dependent on computer technology. We assume that you can use a computer well enough to open a browser in order to access course materials on UW-ACE. (After all, you are reading this module from that source!) Note that you must use either Firefox or Internet Explorer when submitting assignments. UW-ACE does not support Safari for either the Mac or PC, nor does it support Google Chrome . If you use unsupported browsers, the system might tell you that your assignment files are submitted, but they don‘t show up in the graders‘ inbox ! However, you‘ll need to use other computer facilities as well, and the purpose of this module is to ensure that you are able to do the following: Create folders Copy files, including making backups and restoring from them as well as downloading files from UW-ACE State the pathname for any given file on your computer Identify a file type from its icon or extension Search for files having a given name Start several applications, including those for creating and viewing simple text and graphics, for accessing compressed files, and for reading PDF files. Take a snapshot of your screen Send and receive email Explain the importance of anti-virus program This module also highlights your responsibilities as a CS 100 student.
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CS 100 Module 1 1.2 1.0 The CS 100 Course Environment © 2009, University of Waterloo As you already know, CS 100 introduces you to some fundamental computing principles and techniques through several applications. The course is structured without lectures, so you are responsible for learning the subject matter from these notes, readings from the texts, assignment problems, and experience with using the software. As an online course, other methods of communication are needed to replace the interaction that would occur in a lecture and a lab. In CS 100, we use the UW-ACE environment (sometimes referred to as Angel, the name of the software that runs the system, or as ACE) to share information with you, and through UW-ACE you can interact with each other. To learn more about ACE, link to the Student Quickstart Guide, reachable from UW-ACE Help for Students .
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