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Exodus 34 : The Glory of God Leader Guide 11/08/09 PLEASE NOTE! – Presently, Summit Church is studying Exodus 19-34 during corporate worship and in small groups. While the small groups will study these texts in order, the sermon may not correspond to the precise chapter week by week. However, the themes that pervade both sermon and small group will overlap considerably. On Sundays and throughout the week, the goal is to grow in our understanding and respond rightly as a church to the Holy God who appeared to the Israelites at Mount Sinai. Also, please use the prayer guide based on the themes of this text. Context: Exodus 34 contains the last section of the ongoing conversation between Moses and God. The issue at hand is: how this holy and just God can have His Presence dwell among a sinful people, while displaying His glory to the world. Moses has interceded for Israel and begged God to uphold the relationship according to God’s unconditional promises to Abraham. God has declared that He will remain with the people and, in chapter 34, He reinstates the Covenant that the people had broken. Moses has one more request- to see God’s glory (33:18). God replies that He can proclaim His name, but that Moses cannot see His face (33:19-23), presumably because it is too glorious for Moses to see. The proclamation of God’s glory is foreshadowed in 20:6, 33:19, and stated more robustly in 34:6-7. The glory of God is that He is both compassionate and just, able to forgive but will also punish the guilty. Exodus has revealed much about God’s character: He is the Great “I AM (3:14),” the Savior and Redeemer (6:6-8), the God able to do wonders, and the God who creates a just society. But this is the revelation about God (34:6-7) that is called God’s glory ! Moses falls down to worship at this new understanding of God knowing that, because this is God’s nature, the people will be forgiven and the covenant renewed 1 . For all the times that Moses has communed with God in Exodus, it is a result of this ultimate revelation of God’s glory that Moses comes down off
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Exodus34_Leader-1 - Exodus 34 The Glory of God Leader Guide...

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