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Homewok 18 (8_5)

Homewok 18 (8_5) - WebAssign ‘'l"ednesda December e...

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Unformatted text preview: WebAssign ‘.'l."ednesda'_', December e, 2010 11:51 PM 1115-. Logged in as chaodingtflitarizdna Math 129. section 07, Fall 2010 :9 MyAssignments Ding Chao Math 129, section 0?, Fall 2010 Homewok 18 {8.5} {Homework} Instructor: Lay May Yeap @Pmnssigmm Question 1 2 3 Total Points 1 1 1 331100.011.) BDescription Assignment Submission This section covers the physics application of work. For this assignment, the number of submissions for Blnstructions each answer box is counted independently. The When writing your solutions, you should always include a picture with your variable clearly labeled. The number of submissions remaining changes only ifyou relationship between the choice of variable and the set up of the integral are illustrated in the first two submit a new or changed answer. problems. A worker on scaffolding 55 ft above the ground needs to lift a 420 lb bucket of cement from the ground to a point 20 feet above the ground by pulling on a rope weighing 5 lb/ft. How much work is required? - EV ft-lb +; symbolic formatting help A bucket of water of mass 25 kg is pulled at constant velocity up to a platform 50 meters above the ground. This takes 10 minutes, during which time 4 kg of water drips out at a steady rate through a hole in the bottom. Find the work needed to raise the bucket to the platform. (Note: Use gr = 9.8 mlsz.) - Ev joules +; symbolic formatting help A 600 lb weight is being lifted to a height 8 feet off the ground. It is lifted using a rope which weighs 5 lb per foot and which is being pulled by construction workers standing on a roof 25 feet off the ground. Find the work clone to lift the weight. - EV ft—lbs +; symbolic formatting help Home MyAssignments WebAssignlfl 4.0 ©1957-2003 by North Camlina State Unimsity. Portions a 20032010 by Advanced lnsbuotionel Systems. Inc. All lights matted. ...
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