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Homework 3 (7_2)

Homework 3 (7_2) - W9bA55i9" Loggegin asthaooin rimna...

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Unformatted text preview: W9bA55i9" Loggegin asthaooin rimna i-iieunesna'htiecemtie . 2mm F‘MMS Maih 129. seciion 0?. HM 2010 )0 My Assignments Ding 0'50 Math 129, section U7, Fail 2m Homewoik 3 [7.2) (Homework) ‘HSWCW' Lav May YeaP E minim-min Question 1 2 a 4 Tnml Palms 6 1 1 8 16m: (1min) B Descripii Dll Assignment Submifiinn This section covets the method of integration by parts. For this assignment, the number of submissions for Blnslmciinns each answer box is counted independentiy. The Van are expected to use pmper notation and show aii wgik when soimng each piobiern (even if the number of submissions iernaining changes only ifyou probiem oniy asks for a hnai iesuii) Exact answers should be found uniess noted othenivise. Sirnpiify submit a new or changed answer. youi answers as you wguid foi wntten homework. Fur each or the quuwirig integrais, determine u and v‘ accurding to the rnethog or integratiun by parts. .2 (E) 5‘ o—|Ev v‘ - " l b)! n(6+€) dc nibshc rsirhemhg heiu Suppase Rx) : x1 and g has the vaioes in the table beiow. x u 3 5 9 90:) 2.3 3.2 4.0 5.4 fflrmflm Use integration by parts to estirnate -E« Hint: To estimate the integrai in the integration by parts rorrnuia, use the nght hand ruie With n = ynibahe raihathhg heio tet Fbe a function With a continuous secund derivative, flu) = 3, Tu) = 7, and f '(1) = e. Evsiuete the integrai beiow. fixf’flx) :11: Refer to the integrai beiow. fain’ (m9 (a) Evaiuate the integrai using integration by parts. me your answer using the rorm beiow. 1 , 1 —Zsm(39)ms(D9) + (F) 9+0 Titans). ii ““ (b) Evsiuate the serne integrei using the rciiowmg identity. Give your answer using the form beiow. (sir-(9))“: 7‘ “1“”) (%)9—%eio(09)+c $\\ Um) (c) Exbisin how the expressions horn parts (a) and (b) are different but are both correct. (7 They are both correct because they are exactiy the sarne. r They are both correct because they dirrer oniy by a nonzero constant. f‘ They are both correct because they have the same degree. Home My Assignmehis WebAaainnaMi e ins-runs by Mirth coiohna siaie Unveaiiy Fuliuns e autumn by Messiaen inmeionai Emmi his AH “1th ...
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