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Homework 33 (11_6)

Homework 33 (11_6) - WebAssTgn an Tn as{hen'nng'jarTluna...

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Unformatted text preview: WebAssTgn an Tn as {hen'nng'jarTluna Wanna. arcanembe 20m HMF‘MMS Mam 129. 5061100 07.5a112010 nMyAssTgnmems Chenxmg xTe Math 129, sectTon 07, F3“ 2010 Homework 3:: (11.6) (Homework) Tnstructor Lay May Veep a mum-nun auestTon 1 2 a I 5 Tnml Pants 3 1015 (can) EDescnp Inll Assignmem 5qu ml The Ts acontTnoatTon orappTTcatTons ordTTTerentTaT eooatTons For 005 assTgnmenL, the number of sumessTons in! each answer box Ts counted TngepengentTy. The number orsumessTons remaTnTng changes onTy Tryou somet a new or changed answer The due dale hr Illis assignmem is past Vour work can be neweg beTow, but no changes can be made when peopTe smbke, carbon munudee Ts reTeaseo Tnto the aTr.1n a room oryoTume on m“, aTr contaTnTng 5% carbon munudee Ts Tntroouced at a rate or 0 003 m3] mm. The carbon munudee mTkes TmmeoTater thh the rest or the aTr Tn the room and the mTkture Teayes the room at the same rate as Tt enters. (a) thch or the roTToang can be used to mooeT the amount or carbon monoXToe, Q, Tn the room at tTme t, Tn mmutes? r % 0.003 — 0.003Q 6 % 0.00015 — %Q r % 0.00015 — 0.003Q r % %Q —0.00015 r ‘2? 0.00015 — fia « (b) thch or the rouoang can be used to mooeT the concentratTon or carbon m0n0x1de,C, Tn the room at tTme t, Tn mmutes? (10' 1 1 r‘ E am” (10' e _ 1. __ . r (it 00005 60 0003 600 (10' if . 1 —. F dt 00005 00030 g 0.00015_0.0030 F dt 60 60 g 0.003_0.00015C F dt 60 60 J (:2) what happens to C(t) as t a so? cm e — E a. :ymbuhn '01!“ng he‘D An aouarTum pooT has ypTume 2 x 1051Tters. The pboT TnTtTaTTy contaTns pure fresh water. At t e 0 anutes, water contaTnTng 10 grams/TTter or eaTt Te puured Tnto the pooT at a rate or 50 ITtere/anute. The at water TnetantTy mTkee thh the fresh water, and the excess mTXture Ts oraTneo out or the pooT at the same rate (so TTters/anute). (a) Wthe a oTfierentTaT eouatTon f0rs(t), the mass orsaTt Tn the pooT at tTme t. M s — (b) 5oTye the oTtrerentTaT eouatTon to find 5(t). 50> — V ‘ .thahc TornaTtTng new (:2) what happens to s(t) as ta be? 5(t) a -'l grams Deao Teayes accumuTate on the ground Tn a forest at a rate or 3 75 grams per square centTmeter per year. At the same tTme, the Teayes decompose at a contTnuous rate 0f75% peryear. (a) Wnte a oTtrerentTaT eouatTon for the totaT ouantTty or dead Teayes (per square centTmeter) at tTme t. (b) what Te the eouTTTbrTum ecTutTcn and say whether Tt Te etabTe or unetabTe? A —@ grams parsuarea aentnatans a -«aquTTbnon. symbahc lormaumg he‘v A oeposTt Ts made to a bank account payTng 0% Tnterest compounoeo contTnuousTy. Payments are made from thTs account at a rate 0f $7000 per year. (a) Wnte a oTtrerentTaT eouatTon for the baTance, s, Tn the account after tyears. Msr — « (b) Wnte the soTutTon to the oTtrerentTaT eouatTon. use A as your unknown constant, where A Ts the cueFfiCTent oryour ekponentTaT term. spa—E (:2) how much Ts Tn the account after 5 years Tr the TnTtTaT oeposTt was 02500:» cTye your answer to the nearest cent. 5 symhahc TornauTng new A bank account earns 10% annuaT Tnterest, compounoeo contTnuousTy. Money Ts oeposTteo Tn a cpntTnuous cash flow at a rate or 31500 per year Tnto the account. (a) Wnte a oTtrerentTaT eouatTon that oescnbes the rate at thch the baTance s : Rt) Ts channgg. m — v (b) SoTye the oTrrerentTaT eouatTon gTyen an TnTtTaT baTance so 5 — " some Tanauna new (c) Fwd the baTance arter4years. S Hume MyAssTgnmenTs Wesassanaao @1951an by Noah Glmhna 5mg UnToesw mTansozooezonn WMvAnm TnmaTanaT smns Tns AH nanem ...
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